Technology is the welcome mat to the new home everyone out there is looking to find themselves in. Which is why you need to go high-tech online for those potential homeowners when you’re ready to sell your property.

According to real estate reports, 79 percent of home buyers shop for homes online, so the first step, of course, is to list your home on the MLS to gain exposure in the market. And, aligned with that, is partnering up with one of the top realtors in Myrtle Beach, S.C., to make your listing stand out from the rest.

Here are a few more detailed tips on how to successfully sell your property online:

  • Power marketing. As already established, marketing your home requires more than just throwing a “for sale” sign in your front yard. Marketing to the max means an online listing on MLS, plus exposure on social media sites, open houses, fliers and, yes, the “for sale” sign. Beyond your agent’s power tools, it doesn’t hurt to share your listing on your personal Facebook page, complete with compelling descriptions that highlight the main selling points of your home.


  • Site specific. When choosing which specific website to advertise your home listing beyond MLS, keep in mind a few site strengths that will help to boost the sale: high search engine rating; easy navigation for a more user-friendly experience when visitors are searching by price and area; and high-speed uploads. Right now, 70 percent of web traffic is travelling through sites, like Zillow and Trulia. And, when millions of visitors are searching for “homes for sale in Conway, S.C.,” for instance, you want your home and/or ad to come out on top of the search results.


  • Professional photos. It’s worth every penny to have professional photos taken of your home for sale. Leave it to the professionals to know how to best capture the lighting and beauty of every angle of your house, inside and out. Because anything that doesn’t look good in a photo will only be magnified online for your homebuying audience.


  • Stage your home. Before you schedule that photo session, stage your house so it looks its best. (You may even want to consider hiring a professional stager to take on the project.) But, if you’d rather DIY, do a thorough cleaning and declutter every square inch of each room.


  • Fair pricing. It’s important to set a fair asking price to entice buyers online, and that can be established by your agent – or maybe by consulting a couple of agents – to come up with the best possible (and fair) value.


  • Schedule viewings. Once all of these tips have been accomplished, the earlier you can arrange viewings into your calendar, the better. Inviting folks into your home to physically see it for themselves is one of the best sellers. (Nowadays, look into virtual showings for social distancing safety purposes.) And remember to be flexible; agents can schedule showings with the click of a button or a quick text, so be prepared for – and open to – last-minute requests. The more potential buyers that walk through your door, the more likely you are to sell!


  • Start the conveyance process early. On the back end, if you can ask a solicitor to draft up control to apply for title deeds earlier in the home selling process, it could speed up things on the front end.


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