It’s a competitive home selling market out there! And that means the survival of the fittest nowadays requires a little extra creative selling tactics to make your home stand out from the competition and attract more buyers.

Here’s a list of some outside-the-box, top-notch tips we think you’ll find the most beneficial to get ahead of this challenging process:

Raise the Level of the Open House. Sure, there’s the typical Open House to open the front door to potential buyers. But if you really want to make your move, you need to go further by hosting a party. Forget the platter of homemade cookies on the counter – we’re talking a party serving catered food, wine, live music and even prizes. It’s one way to shake things up in your neighbourhood (and market) and make your home more memorable! Some sellers will even take the opportunity at the party to announce a big incentive for the lucky buyers of their home, such as a week’s vacation, a free car, a home upgrade, even a year’s mortgage. Now that’s one way to entice buyers!

Go Pro with Home Staging. Skip the steps of DIY staging and hire a professional that stages for a living and will wow potential buyers in your living space. Some stagers are even taking staging a step further by rearranging furniture to be more Feng Shui and more welcoming.

Get Creative in Marketing. Yes, there’s a For Sale sign in your front lawn and a listing online, but some sellers and agents are going even more high-tech with the Talking House radio technology that allows you or agent to record a customized ad message about your home on an AM radio station that buyers can tune into as they pull up to your home. How cool is that?

Get Creative with Financing. Because many buyers can’t qualify for a standard mortgage, you may want to consider some ways to help in their financing, including offering a lease-to-own option or paying closing costs.

Find the Top Real Estate Agent in Your Area. Do your research and sift through agents before selecting one who is a top producer with the numbers to prove it, but also who doesn’t treat you like a number. You want an agent with the experience to guide you through this tricky process, as well as the passion for this business and to success for clients, like you.

Drop your listing price. If you really want to speed things along, dramatically drop the price you have your home listed. Potential buyers will see that you’re a serious seller and will love the idea of nabbing a home at a major discount.

Have faith in the right timing. If you have all of these tactics in place that we’ve recommended, have the confidence that your home will sell at the right time to the right buyers.

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