We all love the sunnier, warmer weather that’s in the forecast for spring. And, if you’re planning ahead to sell your home, spring also has a better seller’s forecast.  

From around March through June, the market is blooming with buyers on the hunt for open houses. Here are five reasons why:

1. Warm Weather

It’s simple; as the temperature heats up, so does the real estate market. Even in our area, where we’re lucky to have more year-round warmth, more interested buyers are willing to step outside in the springtime – especially during a pandemic. We see sunny selling days ahead!

2. Timing

Along with the start of warmer weather, spring is also the perfect time to sell because before the dawn of the summer months – and before the kids get settled and head back to school. It’s even advantageous for those buyers without kids, as it’s easier to take time off work to move this time of year.

3. Curb Appeal

Nothing entices buyers more than a home’s curb appeal, and your home is picture-perfect in the spring. The grass is greener, the azalea bushes and flower gardens are in full bloom … it’s the eye-catching lure for buyers. Your patio, porch and deck can also look more inviting. Better yet – it’s free and all-natural! 

4. Longer Days

We discussed spring’s timing, but there’s also the factor of more time. And more sunlight, thanks to our clocks “springing” forward, equals more time for buyers to shop. Potential buyers who have hibernated over the winter months, scouted out their dream homes, got their financing approved, and are now ready to use these longer days wisely.

5. Higher Prices & Better Comps

This spring combination is the flawless formula for sellers. First, more buyers means more competition, as they vie to buy their dream home, which means more bidding wars that will jack up your home’s sales price. Second, because prices are higher, with more closed sales in the spring, there will be better comps in the area to truly reflect your home and the market it’s in.

Because of today’s competitive market, you want Paige Bird as your selling agent to take your home off the market – fast and at the price you deserve. At $29 million in total sales in 2020, Paige is one of the top selling agents in the area, and #1 in the state as a REMAX agent for 7 straight years.

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