Are you ready for a fresh start in the new year? In other words, are you prepared to kiss your junk and clutter goodbye before you say hello to 2023?

Here are 7 ways to declutter and reorganize your home for an all-new you!

Start with your holiday stuff

A good starting point this time of year is with your holiday decorations. Is there anything you are willing to let go? How can you better organize and better condense everything until next year? After you take down and store everything away, you may want to work your way through the rest of your home!

Set a specific cleaning date

Make time to declutter by setting an actual start date. Think of it as any other important appointment or engagement you may have and stick to it!

Take it one room at a time

Decluttering and dealing with one room at a time will help you take it step by step and not get overwhelmed. Instead, organizing room by room will give you a sense of focus. 

Deep clean, room by room

While your hands are in the middle of this decluttering project, take the time to also do a deep clean on each room as you go. Dust off the shelves, wipe down walls, and clean up those dust bunnies from behind the couch and under the coffee table for a true refresh.

Complete the 12-12-12 challenge

Designed by, this challenge is a great way to declutter. Choose 12 items to throw away, 12 items to donate, and 12 things to return to an organized storage place in your home. Definitely get rid of broken items needlessly taking up space in your home.

Rethink your storage plan

To better organize everyday items in your home, follow these tips:

  • Keep things you use on a daily basis somewhere at arm’s reach, where they can be easily reached in a basket, on a shelf, or in a cabinet. Store other seasonal items or things you don’t use often in the garage or attic.
  • Add wall shelving for better organization instead of more furniture.

Donate things or give to friends

If you haven’t used something or gotten fixed in the past six months, it’s likely that you won’t, so consider donating it or giving it to a friend you know would appreciate it more. Invite friends over to dig through the pile of things you plan to get rid of.

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