It may be a seller’s market, but things are starting to shift, giving buyers more options, which puts more pressure on sellers to stand out from the competition.

Because of this, sellers need to step it up to wow potential buyers. Here are some ways we suggest accomplishing that:

Enhance your curb appeal

The quality of your curb appeal is a window into what potential buyers think lies therein. Meaning, if your home doesn’t make a good first impression from the outside, buyers may not want to step foot through your front door.  

Improvements to your curb appeal that will entice more buyers to check out what you have to offer inside include:

  • Spiffing up the front entry and porch by updating any seasonal blooms and plants, cleaning or updating any furniture, replacing any withered plants in window boxes, and adding a seasonal wreath on the door. 
  • Refreshing the front door with a fresh coat of paint. 
  • Mowing the lawn. 
  • Trimming shrubs 
  • Raking leaves. 
  • Pulling weeds. 
  • Washing windows 
  • Clearing gutters. 
  • Touching up any chipped paint on trim or siding. 
  • Power washing. 

Make renovations

Whether big or small, renovations should be considered by home sellers to increase their profit at closing and their return on investment. It all depends on their budget. From just repainting the interior to show that the home is updated and move-in ready to remodeling high-use spaces, like a kitchen, bathroom, or outdoor living area, that pay out a high ROI, but also take up more money, time, and energy.

Upstage other staged homes

We’ve emphasized many times before how effective staging a home is in winning over potential buyers. Updated spaces staged with timeless, trendy design elements help buyers visualize themselves living in yours. Sellers, keep in mind that an essential step before the staging presentation is doing a deep clean, decluttering, purge, and depersonalization.  

For next-level staging around the holidays, think about paying extra attention to the dining room and table with a festive holiday centerpiece, fabrics, and place settings.

Rely on a real estate agent for marketing and overall guidance

A knowledgeable agent with experience, education, and vision can stay ahead of this competitive seller’s market and can make all the difference in making that sale.  

Your agent can guide you in the best direction in these areas to make your listing stand out:

  • High-quality professional photography to market your home.  
  • Setting the best price. 
  • Planning out the most strategic timing to list your home. 
  • Insight into the local market. 

If you’re ready to sell, you need to work with a real estate agent who stays ahead of the market changes and will work with you to set realistic expectations on the right price to list the home and the days on market. Paige Bird has been the #1 South Carolina RE/MAX agent for the last eight years. In 2021 she: negotiated the sales price for her clients to get 1.27% more than the area’s MLS; sold 115 homes for a total of $33.9 million; sold 68 of those above sales price, with an average list to sales price of 99.08%; and sold listings ranging from $8500 to $1.495 million.  

Contact Paige Bird today so she can sit down with you to get started in the home selling process at 843-450-4773.