As temperatures rise in the spring, so do the number of listings on the housing market (usually after early February). If you’re a homeowner who would also like to sell your home this time of year, timing is everything. Meaning, you need to hop (or spring) to it to make it happen by researching, prepping, and more, rather than waiting to be listed.

Here are 6 of the most important tips for selling a home during the spring real estate market to make the most profit from your listing and cost you less stress throughout the process.

Start with a game plan with the right real estate agent.

Working with a top real estate agent in the area (hint-hint, like me) is a critical starting point to planning for a successful home sale process. Here’s what to look for and to discuss with the potential agent: 

  • When exactly during the spring real estate market should you list? This involves your agent discussing the current market conditions with you by analyzing stats, like average days on the market, from previous years in your neighborhood of interest. 
  • What price should you list your home for? This is a crucial balance between too low and overpriced, but if you trust your agent, feel confident in their suggestion.  
  • What are some more details to consider? Every home seller’s situation is different, and a good real estate agent should be able to adapt accordingly, such as if you are moving out of state, or moving into an apartment or a new home.

Prepare your home, inside and out, for the fast-paced spring real estate market.

This extends from the interior to the exterior, starting with a solid declutter of any collectibles, personal items, photos, memorabilia, and more, which could ultimately lead to a yard sale if you have the time, donations, or storing in the garage of a small storage unit.  

More low-cost interior cleaning, which applies to any time of year, includes: cleaning windows, cleaning ceiling fans, polishing floors and countertops, vacuuming and steam cleaning carpets, dusting furniture, organizing closets and cabinets, deep-cleaning appliances, and neutralizing the paint in your rooms if necessary. 

Outside, your home’s curb appeal is a buyer’s first impression (studies show that it increases a home’s value by up to 11 percent, so it’s important to freshen things up by: trimming shrubs and bushes, mulching, pulling weeds, boosting the front façade with colorful flower planters or a front porch bench, and more. A few more outdoor maintenance to-dos could include: pressure washing, resealing the driveway, painting any faded or peeling paint, cleaning gutters or downspouts, and inspecting your roof. 

Make any necessary repairs.

The last takeaway (or turn-away) you want homebuyers to think is that your home was neglected and in disarray – and they may even show up during inspection, dropping your home sale price – so be sure to make any necessary repairs around the house, such as any cracked tiles or dings in the wall, leaky faucets, clogged drains, doors or drawers that don’t close properly, burned-out light bulbs, and more. Other repairs that aren’t visible to the buyer’s eye, but should also be considered, including servicing your HVAC system, inspecting your plumbing, and evaluating the overall efficiency of your home with a home inspection before you actually list it.

Stage your home.

The final step before you open your doors to potential buyers is setting up your home’s stage presence. Staging your home with the help of professionals is known to sell your home for more money. The right layout of furniture, décor, and accents (especially in the living room and primary suite) can make buyers feel more welcome and picture it as their future home sweet home.

Plan your move.

Again, in this speedy spring seller’s market and real estate here in Myrtle Beach today, it’s extremely possible that you will receive an offer within the first 24 hours of your listing or first showing/open house. Don’t be caught without a moving plan. Box, store, sort, and be ready to move.

Show your home.

While good real estate agents will work around your schedule, you will need to be flexible and have an open mind for last-minute showings. You’ll also have to make sure all is tidy. After all, this is the best way to sell your home.

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