The status of your kitchen and its amenities is critical to homebuyers when deciding on purchasing a home. That’s because today’s kitchen has evolved from merely a room to cook and prepare meals into the centerpiece space of a home, where entertaining and social gathering with family and friends takes place.

What are the top must-haves in kitchens for homebuyers?

Smart Appliances

Futuristic smart appliances aren’t the standard, but they sure do wow homebuyers when they spot them in a home. Examples are refrigerators that help you make a grocery list or coffee, ovens that come with food apps, and dishwashers with a water leak monitor.

Efficient Design

Homebuyers want a kitchen that is both beautiful and functional overall – no matter the size. That means plenty of prep surfaces, storage, and seating areas. The working triangle of efficient kitchen design that originated in the early 20th century should still be front and center.

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Lotsa Lighting

The amount of lighting matters in a kitchen. It sets the mood for a visually entertaining experience – and keeps you safely out of the dark while you’re cooking at a hot stove. Think of modern pendants, soft lighting under the cabinets, soffits, skylights, and sconces, to name a few.

Adequate Storage

Not only should a kitchen have plenty of storage, but storage that is convenient and makes sense. Deep drawers for bigger pots, a Lazy Susan built into a corner cabinet, sliding shelves, and walk-in or butler pantries to store appliances are big wow factors. Additional eye-appealing touches connected to storage are glass-front cabinets and coffee or wine bars.


Nowadays, homebuyers looking for homes at higher price points also expect to see more splurge kitchen features, such as double ovens, pot fillers, or built-in refrigerators.

What Homebuyers Do Not Want to See in a Kitchen:

  • Baked-on spills on the stovetop
  • Signs of pests, like treatment products or traps
  • Evidence of pets, like pet beds, litter boxes, food bowls (or smells)
  • Clutter, knick-knacks, and trinkets
  • The sight or smell of trash

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