Three Compelling Reasons to List Your Home Now

As we near the end of 2023, you may be debating on whether or not to list your house now in this market or to wait until January. Should you postpone the home selling process until after the holiday season? Here are a few compelling reasons to consider making your move before the new year.

You will have a competitive edge over other sellers

When it comes to residential real estate, homeowners tend to be less motivated to list their properties toward the end of the year. That’s because the hustle and bustle of the holiday season takes up so much time, so selling a home becomes a lower priority for most people until after the new year, when life settles back into its usual rhythm.

Which means you have the unique opportunity to get a head start over the competition when you list your home now! Selling now, when others might wait until after the holidays, can definitely give you a competitive advantage. Call me today, so I can help you get you started on listing your house on the market ahead of your neighbors.

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You will attract eager homebuyers

The real estate market remains low in inventory, despite a slight increase in the housing supply compared to the previous year. While some buyers might postpone their plans until January, others may need to move due to personal circumstances or life changes, which should motivate you to list now.

These eager homebuyers who are actively house hunting later in the year will face the challenge of a limited availability of suitable homes for their needs. Plus, research shows that houses listed in the winter – between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve – tend to attract more serious buyers, which often results in a quicker sale … which is a good combination for sellers!

You can leverage your equity for your next move

Today’s homeowners possess record levels of equity, with studies revealing that the average homeowner’s equity has surged to nearly $290,000. This valuable equity homeowners have built in their current home over the years could cover a substantial portion of the down payment on your next home.

If you want to list your home now, ask yourself why: Do you want or need a new home in a better location? Do you want or need a home that provides a more ideal living space for you and your loved ones (either a downsize or an upgrade)? Or do you need a new home to accommodate your evolving needs? I can seamlessly help you assess your home equity and guide you in how to use it to achieve your goal of making a successful move.

If you’re contemplating selling your home before the end of the year, call Paige Bird. She is an experienced real estate ally in Myrtle Beach. Paige has been named the #1 RE/MAX Agent in South Carolina for nine consecutive years. In 2022, Paige closed 75 properties, with a total sales volume of $26,472,347 and an average list-to-sales price ratio of 99.10%.

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