Are you happy with your home sweet home? If not, with so many of us spending more time at home living, working, and playing, why not be more uplifted by your surroundings every day?

We’ve come up with six simple, inexpensive tips on how to make over your abode into your happy place.

Color me happy

Refreshing any room in the house with a new coat of paint is a really affordable, easy way to change up the look and give it a breath of fresh air. You just need to decide what you want your shade to show, inspire, and express in a room:

  • Neutral tones: These create the moods of strong and earthy, calming, bright, and clean
  • Green and blue tones: These immerse you in health, well-being, harmony, growth, and tranquility
  • Bright primary tones: If you’re bold enough to paint a room in red, yellow, or orange tones, you’ll welcome in energy, cheer, optimism, and warmth.

If you’re not fully committed to a full room repaint, focus on adding a pop of color on an accent wall or with accessories, like throw pillows, an area rug, curtains, or a new piece of artwork.

Clean & declutter

Studies show that maintaining a clean, decluttered space works miracles for your mental health and harmony. Start with a smaller space, like a bathroom or home office. Beyond the physical aesthetics transformation from a good cleanup, it can also greatly lower stress levels, which is the right direction to take toward happiness.

Consider a digital detox

We all want to be connected to the modern world, but sometimes the flood of news reports and social media posts is too much for your health and stress level. Consider a digital detox of sorts at certain times of the day and places in the home, like eliminating phones from the dining room table at dinner or the flat-screen TV from your bedroom.

Let there be light

Natural light and a view of the outdoors adds Zen and is a proven health and energy benefit for homeowners. Keep drapes, shades, or blinds open during the daytime or move furniture around to let the sunshine (without getting blinded, of course). In darker rooms, add reflective surfaces, such as a mirror, chrome lamp, or a lacquered table.

Go green

Bring in the great outdoors, with living plants here and there to add light, elements of green, and oxygen. Just consider what’s best for you and for the room’s design, such of level of care required, height, light, and more.

Add scents of the season

Adding a scent to a room by way of candles, oil diffusers, air mists, or fresh flowers (even fresh-baked cookies) can uplift your mood with one whiff – even opening a windows to let fresh air in can reinvigorate. The seasonal pumpkin, cinnamon, and apple themed scents of fall also make many of us warm and happy this time of year.

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