If you are planning to sell your home soon, first impressions from your potential buyers are formed quickly after they step foot through your front door – especially in today’s market. And one of the biggest influencers of those first impressions is your interior wall color.

Should you repaint your walls before listing your home or work with the existing colors? Here’s how to decide:

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Stay Neutral

Light, airy, neutral shades should be the rule of thumb if you plan to put your hand on a paint brush to your interior walls. You want to exude a blank canvas for buyers to be able to more easily envision their own style, décor, artwork, and furniture pieces in the room. Think beige, light gray, or off-white over brighter colors, like red. Another huge selling point: neutral wall colors also make rooms feel more spacious and bright.

Stay with Trends

While neutral colors need to carry the weight of the rooms, there may be a place for a brighter colored accent wall. That’s only if they align with today’s design trends, like mid-century modern hunter greens, deep blues, or mustard yellows. But use this pop of color sparingly and stylishly. Non-neutral colors to stay away from (or to paint over), however, are the rich red and dark brown themes from the early 2000s.

Go with the Pros

Getting your interior repainted by professionals is an investment that’s worth it. Overall, it’s cost-effective, it saves you time, and the quality results will show potential buyers that you’ve given your home some special TLC.

Touch it Up

If neutral colors are already in place on the walls, you may not need a full repaint, just minor touch-ups. Refresh your walls by painting over blemishes or scuffs and patching up holes or cracks. This will all clean up your walls for a more appealing appearance for buyers.

Stage it Up

Now that you have the right wall color for your backdrop, it’s time to stage your spaces with the right furniture, décor, lighting, and accessories to create a complete, cohesive atmosphere. You want buyers to feel invited, as if they could already see their family living there. And you want to appeal to the majority of buyers’ tastes, so seek the help from a professional stager to minimize personalization, declutter, and stay on trend.

Hire a Real Estate Professional

The right real estate professional will be armed with the expertise on market conditions and your property specifically to know what will sell it at top dollar. Your agent will be able to advise you on whether or not repainting your home’s interior is necessary before listing.

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