The concept of biophilic design isn’t a new one, but it’s making a mighty comeback as one of the biggest trends in home spaces today!

What is it exactly? First begun by biologist Edward Wilson in the 1980s, biophilic design focuses on the human need to connect with nature by bringing the outdoors inside. Not only do the natural design elements add a unique, inspiring, soothing aesthetic to any room, but they are also known to improve a homeowner’s physical, mental, and emotional wellness and increase productivity.  

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But biophilic is more than just placing a few potted plants throughout the house … Here’s what you should know if you want to try your hand at it in your home! 

Give new life with a living wall

A living wall, or a wall covered with living plants, is a creative, classic example of biophilic design. Add living plants to wall hangers for a Zen room or incorporate a living herb plant wall into the kitchen area. 

Go green

Beyond inserting living green elements into your home, adding touches of green is also a form of biophilic design, such as green cabinetry, green paint on an accent wall, and more. It’s a baby step into this trend, anyway. It’s also a budget-friendly way to bring more natural, calm vibes inside, including new green throw pillows or accents. 

Use natural elements

The use of large-scale natural materials also aligns with the biophilic design strategy. Examples are natural wood slats applied to walls, woven grasses on furnishings, and raw, natural-looking hardwood flooring. Mix authentic materials, such as river rock tile in the bathroom, glass, metal, stone, grass, wood, and wool throughout countertops, flooring, and furniture.

Accessorize with nature

Give a pop, naturally, to any room of your home with some greenery, like ferns or succulents. Fill a terracotta pot with succulents of varying greens and colors, along with moss, to keep the moisture in. If you don’t want to tend to live plants, there are realistic, fake plants out there in the market as well. 

Embrace outdoor living

Exude biophilic design by making your outdoor space feel like a true extension of your home. This could entail using the same potted plants outdoors that you do inside, giving your transition space, like a screened-in porch or outdoor kitchen, just as much design attention as indoor living spaces, or installing a glass accordion door to strengthen the indoor-outdoor connection. 

Designate a mediation room

More and more biophilic-minded folks are designating rooms in the home for meditation or therapeutic activities, like saunas or steam showers. 

Add scents and sounds for the senses

For a true biophilic sensory experience, add natural sounds and scents around the house, such as a waterscape element, candles, diffusers, and pillow sprays.

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