When you’re ready to sell your home, it’s a mammoth process of a lifetime that you don’t want to navigate through alone. You need the skill set of a listing agent who is an expert on home closings. But it’s not just the number of closings or the number of years that agent has been working in the industry. I’ve put together what I think are the top 5 essential things (out of many others) that you need to look for in a seller’s agent before you decide to list your Myrtle Beach home.  

1. Extensive Knowledge of the Local Market.

It’s paramount that you find a listing agent who knows the market well and will give you critical insight into what you should be listing your home for. Your agent should be able to easily, confidently give you the best price you should sell your home for, as well as all of the real estate trends in the local market, such as comp sales prices in the area, the average number days area properties are staying on the market, and the overall local landscape and real estate climate of the area.

2. Personable Communication.

Sure, you want a selling agent that is successful by the numbers, but you also want one with some personality that you get along with. Go with your gut to choose someone who is compatible, kind and courteous. You also want an agent with excellent communication skills to inform you of what’s going on (or anything going wrong) every step of the way. The agent’s communication skills not only need to be personable with you, but also all of the industry professionals you’ll need to work with throughout the process so there aren’t any complications – even during the hiccups.

3. Professional Reputation.

Without question, this is imperative. You want someone who is known to put their clients first as a trustworthy professional. Remember you’re putting your future in his or her hands! Honesty and integrity should be the foundation of this partnership, which isn’t difficult to sniff out via Google searches, their website, online testimonials and word-of-mouth referrals. And, in person, you should be able to gleam a lot from a short conversation. It’s unacceptable to be unreliable in this competitive market – to not do something you say you were going to do, when you were going to do it. 

4. Tech-Savviness.

In today’s modern world of real estate marketing, it’s vital to have a pulse on the ins and outs of high-tech marketing, complete with professional photos and captions, video tours, social media posts and more. This also extends into emails and texts. If not, it could make or break the sale price you get at your closing.

5. Closing Pro.

A smooth closing, mastered by the art of negotiation, is essential for success at the finish line of this process. Make sure you know your prospective agent’s sale-to-list ratio, which compares the selling price of a home versus how much it was last listed for. The best in the industry will make sure their clients get the best deal possible at closing, which results in a lower ratio. And that requires a selling real estate agent who is proactive and ahead of the game in this competitive industry.

Because of today’s competitive market, you’ll want Paige Bird as your real estate agent to sell your home fast and at the price you deserve. Paige is one of the top selling agents in the area, and #1 in the state as a RE/MAX agent.

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